NMO and Covid…Again

The day I heard Covid was poking its head out again in the news, I got it.

My friend went back to New York to take care of her mother who's health was getting worse. During her first week there she found a house finally for us to move to. Which is great on many different levels. But at this point I knew she would not be coming back down until it was time for the actual move. I came to terms with that and was dealing alone and taking care of the house here and the animals. Thank goodness for these cats. The only company I’ve had really…

Well almost only company I would have. I had forgotten my friend was coming down to visit with her baby. She was just so excited for a mini vacation.

Well she came and brought a silent friend with her, Covid.

Fighting another illness with NMO

On day three of our visit, it started to say hi. I was terrified for her and the baby but then I realized, I was screwed. I’ve had Covid once before but had others to be with that also had it. She was leaving back home as I was starting to get down with the sickness.

I already have a weak immune system, so I was nervous. What would this trip to Covid-land be like? From some research, seemed like it should be pretty tame to the average person. Sadly I’m not apart of average people. So myself and my family who were states away were on high alert.

The first night was calm, but on night two it hit me right in the face. Fever and chills took over and I hid in bed with the cats. I kept up with checking my temperature and didn’t go past a 102.2 fever thankfully. That truly was my biggest concern. Off and on it came and went for about three days.

After the fever and chills came the runny nose and achey body. I can deal with a fever but a runny nose and feeling like I got hit by a truck was the worst. I hate that. Give me a fever the whole time I swear I’ll be fine. But with some heavy liquids and meds, it was pretty manageable this time.


I truly find it shocking that it didn't get worse, and I am thankful it didn’t. Especially since I’ve seen too many fellow NMO warriors with bad reactions to the vaccine. To this day I have only had one shot and that was in 2021.

Before ten days and I started to feel like myself again. I never thought I’d end up with Covid again but I did. I feel very lucky this didn’t get worse and I didn’t end up in a hospital.

NMO can really make being sick a difficult task and it’s not fun. Also being sick and being alone with no family nearby is not a great experience. I can definitely be a big baby when I’m sick and to do it on my own sucked, but I did it.

I’d like to thank the two cats that put up with my whining and complaining. But they stayed by my side and gave me the best comfort I can ask for. Cats are truly the greatest creature in the world and my favorite nurses ever!

Does your NMO impact your body's ability to fight illness? How do you combat feeling sick on top of living with NMO? Share with others in the comments below!

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