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Bring On The Love This Holiday

It’s been several years since my last full blown family holiday season. Now that I think about it, been about five years. Holidays used to be so big and important in my family, until both my grandparents passed away. Since then, each holiday has felt off in a way.

This year I made it back in time for the big three, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I can already see the high emotions this season and there is no tuning them down. So much has happened this year and at this point I want things to slow down. I want everyone to slow it way down. Really soak up the holiday spirit.

A year of health scares

As a heads up, I consider mg best friend and roommate as family. The year she has had with this move and her mother has been a gut wrenching trip to hell. Watching how she’s handled everything, girl needs a medal. She is truly my best friend and someone I admire her and her mom are truly family and want to make this a very special holiday for them.

Then this years rollercoaster of new and old health issues driving myself and my family mad has been super fun. And then my mothers own new health scare, and my aunt getting knee surgery. Lots of health scares basically.

Appreciating my loved ones

So for this season, I really want to do everything in my power to show my appreciation, my thanks, and my love to them all. It’s been interesting being a grinch for the last five years but time to change it up. I want this season to be relaxing and memorable for all. I want to see those smiles, hear those laughs, and everyone to feel the love.

This world is a scary place and so much going on. Turning on the news is just depressing. I want the TVs off and heads clear. Enjoying real family time and real conversations. Just want everyone to get along and not fake family time. Life is too dang short and I feel people have lost the true meaning of this time of year. I sure did and for a long time.

NMO and the holidays

So to show everyone I am not a green monster trying to steal Christmas, I want to be the king of Christmas. I want to bring all my families together and throw a celebration unlike any other. I want to bring everyone to my place for food, laughs, stories, warmth, and love. Also to give my cat all the attention and love so I can pull this off.

I want big smiles and full bellies. Don’t need any family fights or nonsense. I am truly thankful this season to be with everyone and want the memories to be made. I hope everyone this season takes the time to enjoy what they have and not take it for granted. Celebrate in any way you like or believe in. We are here on this planet and what this means planet needs is love. Simply just that, love.

Don’t let NMO bring down your holiday season. Stay strong and enjoy the now.

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