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Simplicity and What NMO Does to It

Being diagnosed with NMO changes your life in so many ways, including how you live day-to-day. Something as simple as doing dishes can go from a quick chore to a half hour ordeal. These small and simple tasks can become frustrating and even time consuming.

Cleaning the house has become a real chore

Cleaning up the house can always be a super fun chore. To make it tolerable, I blast music and take my time. Not being able to see fully can make some things harder to do. Doing certain chores can become frustrating when you can’t do it the way you want. Doing dishes can take longer because I try and feel my way through each item being washed to make sure they're cleaned properly. I’ve also destroyed not one but two vacuums because I sucked up something I wasn’t supposed to.

Getting around has gotten harder

Then there’s getting out of the house. My options are Uber or to hope that my roommate has time to take me out of the house. This can be a big downer when you just want to escape or just want to grab groceries. Thankfully, grocery delivery is now a staple of our modern world. It's great, but sometimes you just want to roam some aisles or go out to a nice dinner and not eat at home. Driving was such a gift to earn and I miss the convenience of it. But I truly don’t miss the upkeep and cost of owning a vehicle.

I love to cook, and I'm finding ways to make it work

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I always have fun with it, making it a creative project that can be delicious. But when it comes to preparing the meal, I often have a hard time. I have to spin the measuring cup around until the glare is just right so I can see the measurements. Checking to see if the food is cooked enough can be a pain as well. But with time at practice and little tricks, you learn to make it a smoother experience.

Exercising is something I'm prioritizing

Exercising and going on walks is something I’ve been getting more into, not to be the most muscular guy or to have no body fat, but for my health and wellness. Not being able to drive over to a local gym is a bummer, but I honestly have always hated working out in front of others, both when I could see well let alone now when my vision isn't great. So I had to get creative. I learned walking routes around my neighborhood with a friend and bought a few items to use at home safely. Is it a perfect set up? Not at all. It has been working as a decent alternative, though.

Don't take the easy things for granted

Even though these things seem kind of simple, they are taken for granted. As much of a pain the butt it can be, this is my life. I've got to learn and grow as a person to make it become as normal as possible. I never want anyone to feel sorry for me or others with this issue, but these seemingly simple things that become so complicated can be real and drive you insane at times.

You're not alone

I just want others to know they're not alone. We all have things we miss, and it can be a pain. These are just a few things that I wish were easier; maybe someone else out there will have same issues as me, or better yet, some tips to make doing things a bit easier. But I do wish those who can still accomplish these tasks with ease know to not take for granted the simple things in life, because one day, it may not be so simple.

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