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Our Advocate Created a Handy NMO Patient Information Form

NMO doesn't care what time it is

From my experience, hospitalizations and NMO go hand-in-hand. My relapses never seem to happen during “normal business hours," so my neurologist often advises me to seek medical treatment through the emergency room. Despite his best efforts to call ahead and let the ER staff know who I am and why I’m seeking treatment, the process of being admitted is always stressful.

Navigating the emergency room can be difficult, if not traumatizing

Navigating my way through the emergency room, meeting doctors for the first time, explaining my often unheard of NMO diagnosis, then providing years’ worth of important medical details on the spot is a lot to ask of myself. Add in other complicating factors like pain, decreased cognitive capabilities, and loss of eyesight, and it’s no wonder why the ER can feel like such a traumatizing experience!

I decided to make things easier for myself

Reflecting on my traumatic hospital experiences is what led me to create a form that details all the answers to the typical questions I’m asked by nurses and doctors in the ER. I'm done with frantically trying to piece together my complicated medical history. No more guessing at the dosage of my medications or trying to remember the specialists I see and their contact information. Knowing that I have thoughtfully prepared the most accurate, detailed information about my health history on the front end, has allowed me to breathe a little easier in the ER.

Here's a pro-patient tip

I keep a completed, electronic copy of this form, found below, on my phone, and I bring a printed copy to the ER and/or to any new doctor appointments. I’ve also shared access to this form with my husband and sister. In the event I am not able to speak or advocate for myself, I want them to feel confident knowing that they have all the information they need to know about me at their fingertips.

Click the button below to download a blank copy of the form for you to complete!


Download a printable copy

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