Prioritizing My Health

Being back in New York is almost like a gift. It just feels so right. But also being back means I need to start making some big changes. I used the excuse of saying I’d make appointments back home for when I visited but I never made them.

There have been some changes to my health and body that need to be dealt with, but then comes fear.

Reconnecting with my doctor

My first big step is getting back with my old neurologist. He was a great doctor and I am happy to connect with him again. I'll ask to do some new testing, and get back on my infusions there again.

It truly was always a great experience there and where it all began. I’ve gone to this hospital ever since my first attack. A lot of hard memories to deal with there but it’s oddly comforting there now.

Putting off health issues

The next issue I'd like to tackle is something I’ve had problems with since being on steroids for a year. My skin. I never had acne before. After the steroid treatment from hell, I broke out everywhere and had constant little rashes. They don’t hurt, but they come and go often.

The next issue on my list has been something I have been putting off for a long time. This truly scares me, my stomach issues. From weird pains in my side, to acid reflux for days. I’ve seen too many people with stomach issues that end up with a million more problems. I don’t want to end up like that.

It also doesn’t help that my mom now has issues with her digestive system. I have seen a primary doctor twice, but she never looked into it. The one time I pushed she did a urine test and thought it was a urinary tract infection (UTI).

So after that, I just ignored the stomach issues. But time has passed and it has slowly gotten worse over the years.

Trying to maintain my vision

My last big issue to nip in the butt is to work more with my eye doctor to see what we can do to help my vision. I’d really like to maintain the last bit of vision I have. I feel if it gets any worse, everything will just be one blurry mess.

No shape. No form. No definite color. And that all just sounds like something I’m not ready for.

Not that anyone is ever ready for any medical issues. This is the top of my list of most terrifying things. I am truly scared of what I’ll do if it gets that bad. Hate thinking it, but I do.

Manageable goals

So this is my hope. I want to accomplish this all within the next 6 months. I felt a year is too long to spread it out and I’d just be delaying it. I feel six months is very manageable and will give enough time in between appointments for any other kinds. I truly am promising to do this. I can’t let myself down and can’t ruin this chance.

I can’t waste this and as much as it scares me, I need to find out where my health is at. Have to stay positive and hope for the best.

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