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NMO Resources

Reviewed by: HU Medical Review Board | Last reviewed: September 2021

Receiving a diagnosis of NMO can be scary and hard to handle. You are not alone in worrying about the diagnosis.

For many, a lot of questions will arise:

  • How will I afford treatment?
  • Is there financial assistance available?
  • What is my prognosis?
  • Is there a cure for NMO?
  • What should I expect in the journey ahead?
  • What was I just diagnosed?
  • What should I expect when I start treatment?
  • Am I currently being treated correctly?
  • Just started a new treatment, now what?
  • Does NMO run in families?
  • Do I qualify for a clinical trial?
  • Are there others out there like me?
  • How can I create awareness for NMO?

Worried about the cost of treatment?

Many companies that make medicines have financial assistance programs available

The Assistance Fund is a charitable foundation focused on helping people and their families who have high costs related to the treatment of chronic conditions or diseases. To learn more and find out if you are eligible, visit or call 855-803-6515.

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The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) provides a program for those with NMO. This program includes:1

  • Co-pay assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Premium assistance

For more information, email or call 203-202-8833.

What clinical trials are enrolling for NMO?

The National Institute of Health (NIH) provides a website where you can search for available studies or find results from recent studies.

Do I qualify for disability or government assistance?

If you have NMO, you may wonder if you qualify for disability or government assistance. The Social Security Administration website can help answer questions and guide you.

Informational resources

We have also compiled a list of resources to help you through your NMO journey

  • NMO Resources App for iOS
  • Spectrum Library
  • NMO Video Library
  • NMO Podcasts

Prescription assistance programs:

  • Enspryng™ Assistance Program
  • SolirisⓇ Assistance Program
  • UpliznaⓇ Assistance Program
  • Patient Advocate Foundation
  • Patient Assistance for Lab Services
  • Needy Meds
  • Social Security Assistance
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Support resources:

Still have questions or concerns about NMO?

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to common questions, as well as statistics about NMO.