Hi. In 2019 I got diagnosed with transverse myelitis. My legs were not moving at all. I went to the er they drain 2 1/2 liters of fluid out of my body. I was almost septic 7. I was in the hospital for 5 days. When I was there they give me steroids for five days. My legs started moving but I was having spasms. They transferred me to a rehabilitation place. I was doing therapy and I was there for a month. In the last few days when I started taking a couple of steps. Thank god my upper body was strong.

Back to the hospital

From there I lived with my parents for 4 months. While I was there I was getting therapy at the house and long story short I was walking in 9 months by one year of the diagnosis I was back to normal, But that’s when Covid happen in 2020. I was being careful. I wore my mask everywhere. I was good until this year in June of 2022. It flared up. I started dragging one leg then the other one and then I was done and couldn’t move them. Here I go again, hospital.

A new diagnosis

This time they diagnosed me with NMO. It's under the same umbrella of transverse myelitis, I have been back and forth between hospital and rehab since June until now. Well, they did a transfusion of Plasmapheresis treatment. They do 5 rounds of Plasmapheresis. I have gotten 3 sets of 5 rounds. Finally, 3 sets of one work. My legs are moving a little bit. I’m still fighting it. Still doing therapy. I get spasms here and there. But over I’m doing ok. Lived by one day at a time. Hope this story helps.

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