My Story So Far

I was told I have NMO but no clinical diagnosis yet. It started with pain in my left eye and blurred vision I went to see an optometrist and she referred me to a neuro-ophthalmologist. During this visit, he found my optic nerve severely swollen and started me on high dosage of prednisone then never called in a refill...

Finding a new doctor

I tried for weeks to contact him to no available so I went to my primary care and he said coming immediately off prednisone had put me in an adrenal crisis and started the prescription back and referred me to a neurologist that specializes in NMO she ordered MRI’s of my orbits, brain and spine. I have had a virtual visit whit her and she discussed treatments.

Deciding on treatment

I decided on Enspryng, it’s been two months and finally my appointment is coming up the 15 of July and I just got notified that my insurance denied the appeal on the meds due to lack of bloodwork which is crazy because I have had it done 3 times since onset of my vision problems in November 2022. So I’ve been off all medication for over 6 months. My vision has improved very little in that eye. I’m just concerned about taking the injections monthly. I worry that the side effects will cause me to stay sick all the time because of suppression of the immune system. I am working everyday and really need to my husband had 2 strokes last year and is disabled.

I Would like to hear other’s experiences with Enspryng. Share in the comments below. God bless!

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