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Realizing and Attempting to Adapt

I am currently 21 and as of right now I have had knowledge of my disease for two years. Doctors believe I’ve had it for over 10 years but never knew what it was. When I was in 2nd grade I became paralyzed temporarily for 2 months but I overcame it. Never was told how or what could have done this. Ever since I lived a normal life until I turned 19 and went blind slowly in one eye, I believed I needed a stronger prescription for my glasses. What started off as a tiny little dot of blackness but ended up taking all my sight in my eye. It took doctors 3 months to diagnose me by then I was told it was too late to save my eye and then being distraught with finding out such news. To this day I am still coping with everything, and I thought I was alone and that nobody understood. Feels good to know that although it is very rough and some days are painful but I’m not alone and hope one day there is a cure and maybe I can get my sight back.

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