The Call-me-murphy story

So.. Hi! My name's Kate and i have NMO since possibly 3 years old .

Early health difficulties

My story starts dynamically at one of my basketball matches. A girl pulled my arm with force (we are talking about "I'll rip it out for ya " kind of strength" ). and after that i couldn't move for days . I already had my family calling me lazy cuz I "wouldn't walk properly ". Of course since i was a kid i didn't notice anything.. i was just ... walking.

Anyway after the match, i did some medical exams and they found.. nothing. Nothing at all was wrong with me . Even though i walked like a penguin had stomach issues and went randomly numb wherever, I was just lazy and constipated. ๐Ÿ˜† This went on for about a year and a half.. in that year I fought a lot with my folks and was terrified. (Having my grandma crying over because I'd Die if i didn't visit the WC. I was crying they were crying and my left leg basically said "bye- bye " WITH a bit of my left hand.
I don't remember much from the whole time we were at the hospital.

Overhearing nurses

I remember overhearing the nurses gossiping, they were saying i was dying soon . Like two weeks soon . From what you can tell I'm still kicking (heh not physically tho). The doctors had me basically drowned in steroids, i was 53kg and went up to 81kg in a matter of two weeks and they were about to make a biopsy.(Idek)

NMOSD diagnosis

A nurse actually suggested i may have NMO, he was right! Like i said before, lots of steroids ,lots of MRI ,became the moon and i started walking after 4 weeks or so! Full recovery BUT with conditions. I shouldn't for some reason participate in P.E. but I would do physiotherapy.(How does that work??) Anyways, sorry I'm babbling.. long story short it's been let's say a decade
And I was told by the doctors that by now I would've been "stabilised " or whatever this means from this hellish
Ride. Didn't happen like..AT ALL i lost my vision (mind you i was going to be a graphic designer) I dropped out of university in the first THREE WEEKS .

First NMOSD relapse

"A pseudo-relapse!" Said my new neurologist. And just like that i lost aaaaalll the social connections i made AND a uni i actually liked . 2022 was the dark ages for me .. im not proud to say , i didn't take it lightly. Tried again on another uni 'was out on the second week ! A fellow student decided she MUST come even though she had developed pneumonia . PNEUMONIA! WHO DOES THAT ???? I was lucky it was light it lasted three weeks and I dropped out of there too . It's funny cuz i went to the second
University not only thinking it'd be better i actually " won" a scholarship on that one. Lmao!
I started developing a comic on my own had NO problems with my hands and GUESS WHAT ! My right hand my DOMINANT hand decided to leave without me! Its been more than six months still not healed as a gift I got tonic spasms !! Each lasting about 40 seconds to 5minutes (please help any tip would be DIVINE). I take every pill known to man every single day still nothing.
Right now I'm at a point that i REALLY want to live life , have dreams , even meet a boy or a girl at some point .
If you asked me what i wanted three years ago I'd say a bullet on my head .

A positive outlook but looking for advice

But 'thing is I'm past that. No, the lord didn't save me. No, the therapist didn't help. i just tried to live for my mother's sake. I don't want to tell her but nothing seems to help anymore. Tegretol,Diazepam, Steroids (Medrol form) and SO MANY more . If you have ANY tips/suggestions, anything!
Please tell me.
Thank you for reading this far!
(I'd also like to make friends, sooo if you have no suggestions but wanna talk about anything and everything I'd love to!)

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