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Won't Give Up Without a Fight

Pain in and pain out,
And then there was a final blackout.
Open my eyes to ICU.
Doctors in and doctors out,
I am in haze.
Drugs in and tears out
Still feel the same…
Shifted to another ward...

So you found a new disease,
Clueless what to do.
I'll be your guinea pig,
And you’ll tell me what to do.

Forgive my curiosity,
But why all these tests,
Why these sharp needles,
Down my vertebrate.

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You tell me I’ll never be okay
You tell me I’ll never be able to walk
You give drugs that would make sleep
You say my life is short…

But what you forgot to tell me was,
Your drugs are not stronger than prayers.
My will is strong,
And it gives me courage.

And what you will never ever understand is,
No matter how much of a guinea pig,
You’ll make out of me,

And tell me how short my life is,

I have embraced my fears.
I have embraced the light.
I won’t give up without a fight,
Cause I have embraced life.

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