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Why is humor the best medicine?

I was inspired to write this piece because of a project I am working on with one of my leads, Olivia. Shockingly, she thinks I’m funny, and I honestly hope I get a few chuckles from this and the project that I’m working on. This can also be called a preview of sorts.

So, for real, why is humor the best medicine?

Living with NMO is no top-notch prize. Dealing with the headache of uncertainty can drive a sane person mad. I’ve been there one too many times.

There are days I swear I wake up with the goal of being miserable, and nothing can change my mind. It's almost like I curse the day from the moment I open my eyes.

The small things that make a huge impact

Then something happens that can turn my day around, and I sigh with relief. Those moments should be cherished and not taken for granted. These moments can lift you up, even for a second, and make a huge difference.

Humor is everywhere if you look!

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Humor can come in many shapes and sizes. You can joke from dad jokes, peers, animals, entertainment, real-life events, crazy abstract art, your neighbor, and endless other things. Humor is all around, and you can see it if you let it.

For me, dark humor is a must in my life. I have a twisted mind and can honestly turn anything into a dirty joke, but this article is family-friendly. Let’s not get voted off the island now.

So, here are some other forms I find therapeutic.

1. In our every day lives

It can be found in real-life situations, which I tend to use to cheer up others. I am someone who is comfortable enough to share my embarrassing moments in life, but it’s not for everyone.

2. On the big screens

Entertainment such as TV and movies can also cheer someone up by escaping reality. Right now, my pick-me-up show is “Cougar Town.” Truly it's one of the most light-hearted shows with great laughs and a lot of heart.

I think finding a comfort show is easier to find than a comfort movie, but there are some great ones out there. It really just all comes down to what you will enjoy more. If anyone ever needs suggestions, I’m huge into entertainment and have a wide taste in all genres!

3. Our pets

This brings me to my other favorite way to smile and laugh. It's watching my cat run around with her toys, throwing them around, throwing them up in the air with her teeth, and hissing at them. But then she runs up the cat tower and falls off like a clutz! Then I get anxious, but then she continues as if nothing happened.

And at that moment, I envy her spirit. I smile and laugh as we continue to play. Cats rule my world, and that’s fine by me.

The power of a good laugh

Making yourself or others laugh isn’t always a guaranteed win, but I feel it’s a step in the right direction.

To me, joking about my disease almost takes away its power, its life force, and its negativity. Humor doesn’t take away the seriousness of any disability, disease, or hardships you may have. It’s ok to also laugh and be happy.

Common side effects of laughter

Laughter may cause smiling, happiness, uncontrollable bladder, turning red, spitting food or beverage, temporary pain relief, sore face, or confusion on why you're friends with the person who told a joke. Please don’t consult your physician with any concerns, because they may be confused.

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