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It Was A Really Good Day

Good ol' Facebook sure knows how to bring the memories back, good and bad. The little feature on there every day, if you didn’t know, showcases memories from previous years on that day. Well, mine over the last week has been flooded with my second hospitalization and 4th NMO attack. It’s crazy just seeing and reading what I was going through and how carefree I was with this one.

My NMO journey, in short

13 years ago, I had my 4th NMO attack. But it was only my second time going to the hospital to take care of it. The first two attacks were pretty much swept under the rug after a disappointing visit to the eye doctor.

My 3rd NMO attack was the real awakening of this disease. I started to learn bits about this disease. I was scared, but it looked like I'd heal up again after steroid treatment. So when this one happened again, I was very relaxed about it.

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Moments before the NMO attack and hospitalization

I still remember everything leading to my attack and 2nd hospitalization for NMO. It was my friend's birthday, and a large group of us went out for drinks. Everything was going well, and everyone was having fun. After the bar, we moved the party to my apartment, where we sat and hung out and watched movies all night.

NMO and fuzzy vision

While we were watching an old parody movie, I started to notice things getting fuzzy. My ex said it was just from drinking and that I shouldn't stress. So, I went on with the night and passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew the drinking wasn't causing the vision issues. So, I packed a bag while some other friends made breakfast. I ate the last good meal I'd have until I was out of the hospital.

At the hospital

I went through all the normal tests, asked questions, and waited. Eventually, I started on steroids, and my vision returned. After a week of steroids, all was well again.

Freeing myself from this disease

I got discharged from the hospital, and a few friends came and picked me up for a road trip. I had a smile on my face. We had a great day to look forward to. This disease wasn’t controlling me, and it showed.

The steroids did what they needed to do, and I felt great. That day was priceless. If only this had happened every time.

Ignorance is bliss

At the time, I was still very uneducated about my NMO situation. I used to think I would want to warn my past self, but not so much anymore. I would keep my past self in the dark. I wouldn't want to steal my own happiness away.

Back then, I was truly a happy person and didn’t let the darkness affect me yet. I needed that good day. I had hope, and I had my freedom. There will be plenty of time later on for all the evil from NMO.

The power of reflecting

I think it’s good to look back at the past. It really shows how much has changed and how differently your mind works at different times of your life. Maybe it had something to do with my age or that NMO hadn’t ripped my sanity out yet. I’d love to treat every attack after that the same, but life doesn’t work that way. I'm truly glad I didn’t know how bad it would get. March 27th, 2010, was a great day.

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