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What NMO Has Changed In My Life

NMO has changed me in many ways. From odd ways of saving me to taking away things I love. Some things I had to learn to give up and others learn new ways around to make it possible for me to do once more. Since NMO has taken a good chunk of my vision, my 2 favorite ways to unwind and have fun have changed drastically. Video games and movies have been my 2 passions that needed a big change.

Movies and NMO

Let’s go over the easy one first. I love movies. Like really love them. They are the perfect mix of entertainment and a way to escape reality. Problem is that having low vision can take away from the experience. Ever since I was little I was obsessed. So with every attack I had I felt like I was losing parts of the magic that I loved.

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Well thanks to technology and having a friend obsessed with it, she introduced me to an LG OLEF TV. I brought her mother to tears when I first set eyes on it. We threw on one of our Marvel movies and I was blown away with how clear it was. I saw things that I never knew were in the movie. It was like almost having my vision back. Also helps its a 75 inch TV, but still. It was perfect and now I use it every day to enjoy my favorite movies again.

There are still little issues with it, but it’s definitely a step forward. As much as I nag on technology, it has evolved in ways that I don’t think they intended. The screen is built in a way that the colors don’t overlap and blend in with each other which helps a lot.

Sometimes, computer screens can be too much for me and turns everything into a blurry colorful mess. This TV keeps it near and clean and easy on the eyes. Sometimes too much color and brightness can be a total headache. This TV solved that issue for me. Highly recommend is you have vision issues. Visit a local store and check out all the different TVs and see the difference. Totally worth it!

Video games and NMO

Video games are a tough one. With fast movements and bright colors in games, it can take a lot out of me to play. Takes even more for me to do well, which doesn’t happen in most of my favorite games.

Consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are sadly a no for me now. A lot of their games are too involved and hard for me keep up with. So where does that leave me? Well mobile games tend to be pretty basic and work well. I do enjoy a Marvel game that I have played since my last attack. Simple one-on-one combat is easier for me to follow on a small screen. The Nintendo Switch is also great for me. Smaller screen and less to focus on. That makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Changes to my hobbies

To some these may be silly but to me they were big parts of my life. They truly are the escape I need from life, especially when life is unfair. I may have had to make changes and spend some more money to obtain the magic again but I find it to be worth it all the way. Dan: 1, NMO: 0!

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