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Through Sickness and in Health

You know that part of the wedding ceremony when you hear “in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part”? For those of us who have said those vows, I bet few of us actually thought we’d be the ones to get sick. We know those types of things can happen, but we never imagine they can happen to us. So when I was diagnosed with a life-changing autoimmune disease, namely NMO, it definitively took a toll on my relationship.

We've had ups and downs, but we've always been strong

My husband and I have been together for 13 years now and like any other relationship, we've had ups and downs that today make us stronger. We enjoy the same type of lifestyle that gives us genuine happiness, were both family-oriented, and like being active. We're also both are very ambitious and supportive of each other.

He knew before I did

Prior to being diagnosed, I was going through physical changes because of NMO, and my husband was one of the first to see these changes in me. I always played it off as if nothing was happening because I had a very stressful job at the time, and always blamed everything on stress. But he read right through me and knew before I did that something was wrong. My husband is not much of a talker but more of an observer and would comment lightly on certain things he saw in me.

I knew he was right

For example, one of the first symptoms my husband witnessed was me not being able to walk in heels. The pain I was having in my leg while he watched me trip over myself was not a normal sight. It was concerning because ever since we met, I’ve always walked in heels. There were times when I was experiencing symptoms like falling, weakness in my legs, pain, bladder incontinence, and more. He kept insisting that something was wrong with me, and I knew he was right.

We went through a lot

After going through two years of appointments with different specialists for different symptoms, a full-term healthy pregnancy, and a wildfire postpartum flare, I finally got a diagnosis of NMO. At first, we were both shocked, confused, and he more than ever was relying on the internet in search of answers. I remember that he was in disbelief, but he wouldn’t demonstrate it. He has this vibe that exuded the belief that everything would be fine.

He was always there for me

From the very beginning, he held my hand with the courage to confront NMO together. After being diagnosed, he never missed an appointment with me and always comforted me with positive words. Today my husband is still very supportive of me and is always encouraging me to try new things to better my quality of life and health. He encouraged me to go public with my health so that I can help and inspire others who are diagnosed with this disease. He constantly gives me ideas and pushes me to be my best.

My husband, while I won't mention his name, is truly is an amazing person. Thank you, mi negro, for everything you do for me and our family.

How has NMO affected the relationships in your life? Tell us in the comments.

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