My diagnosis

Last updated: April 2023

I woke up July 14 of 2020 and thought I was just tired legs were very weak went on like this until July 18 started experiencing numbness, and tingling, pins and needles. I knew then this wasn't normal. I had the energy to take myself to the emergency room.

After several tests...

Once I got there they told me they had to admit me. I had several tests done, MRI, CT scan you name found lesions in my brain and on my spinal cord I got worse after that. Eventually, they sent my labs off to mayo clinic they determined I had NMO.

The aftermath...

I have overactive nerves I'm experiencing something called the ms hug very uncomfortable it's hard at times to breathe. When I walk I wobble side to side so I need my walker so I won't fall in street when I have to go out.

This is my story.

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