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My journey with NMO

Around October 2018, I had this terrible headache for a week. Nothing would help it, two doctor visits and nothing. Eventually, it went away after 7 days, and life seemed normal. Twice on different occasions afterward my legs buckled once while walking and the other while standing. I still didn't pay any attention to it.

In February 2019, I started feeling this numbness in my left leg I still didn't go to the doctor. Big mistake, that turned in to the my legs buckling and slow walking. I went to the ER and was placed in the hospital, this was the start of my 30 days in there.

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Being misdiagnosed

I was given a series of tests, first diagnosed transverse myelitis. Three days of steroids. Two weeks of Plasmapheresis (Plasma Exchange) every other day. I was paralyzed chest down and only had feeling in patches all over in the lower half of my body. I wasn't in any pain but was having spasms. I spent a week in rehab to learn to walk. Sent home in April 2019 in a wheelchair. Continued to do therapy at home.

Being diagnosed with NMO

30 days after hospital discharge, and I was diagnosed with NMO. They told me that I was misdiagnose the first time. I started taking more steps, then I advanced to walker and started water therapy. Five months later, in August 2019 relapsed in the hospital for 7 days. Started rituximab, been on this treatment up til this present time. Started out every 4 months, in December 2022 I started every 6 months. I only take this and vitamins (b12, magnesium, d3, potassium, zinc, and probiotics every 3 months for 30 days).

It's been 4 years and I'm living one day at a time with this condition. And bringing awareness to all. God has been truly good to me. I'm walking, I have my days but I push through.

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2 years after diagnosis and recovery

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