Nearly 2 Years Diagnosed with NMO

First, I had problems with my right arm. I thought I had injured my shoulder worse from a little accident two months before. Then it became problems with my sensitivity in all my fingers.

Getting to the doctor

I went to two doctors, the second doctor said I had to go to a neurologist. After an MRI of the head and spine, she said that it could be NMO. She sent me to a university hospital with a special unit for rare diseases. There, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis of NMO.

Until now I have had five NMO flares. The last flare attacked my right leg. A few days ago I got an orthosis, so I can nearly walk normally again. I've had four infusions of Rituximab.

"Every day is a new day"

Because of NMO, I had to change my job. But I am trying to live my life as my life. Every day is a new day with new chances.

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