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We Asked Shekita 23 Questions

Getting to know each other a bit better

As we know, NMO is an exceedingly rare disease. When you meet someone who also lives with NMO, it's only natural to want to know everything about them and how their life has changed since their diagnosis. It's because of this desire to learn more about each other that we launched our new video series, "23 Questions."

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More about the video series

Have you ever seen one of Vogue's "73 Questions" videos? This series will be something like that, except the videos will be a bit shorter, and we probably won't be interviewing Taylor Swift.

Getting to know Shekita Green

Let's get to know our all-star advocate and patient leader Shekita. She is the mother of two teenagers, the wife of an Army veteran, and an entrepreneurial-spirited businesswoman. We asked Shekita about her likes and dislikes, her life at home, and how things changed when she was diagnosed with NMO.

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