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Holistic and Alternative medicine

Hi NMO Fam,

I have tried many things other than medication in the past 4.5 years. I found for myself I had better pain management with alternative therapies. What are some things you use besides medication?

  1. I always took vitamins and minerals I still do I just added more of them when I got sick especially the ones that's good for the nerves.

    1. That’s awesome! What have you found that’s worked for you vitamin wise?

      1. since my nerve damage I started taking nervive , benfotiamine, oat seed, passion flower, lemon balm and I just purchased some lipoic acid for me and my daughter because it's suppose to help with migraines, she has awful migraines.

        1. , I just started taking it today I purchased it to try to relieve my daughter's migraine attacks hers are more severe than mine since she started having breakthrough seizures, I myself am taking it for my nerve damage. what I can say is that passion flower does exactly what it states that it calms the brain at night for better sleep so my nerves aren't waking me up. This is one of my favorite out of all of them

        2. Oh wow , I think I might try that.

      2. I’ve started talking vitamins but also mushrooms supposedly help - i started taking lions mane. it’s supposed to help with nerve damage by repairing the damage. what do you take for nerve pain?

        1. l take on loins mane mushroom too!

        2. How has it been for you? i haven’t taken it for ages.

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