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NMO awareness month imagery of a group of people at a table

NMO Awareness Month: A Seat at the Table

March is NMO awareness month! Because this disorder is so rare, those diagnosed with NMO can struggle to be heard and seen by doctors and our communities. This month is our time, the table is set, and everyone has a seat. It's time to show up exactly who we are and let our voices be heard!

Throughout March, there will be opportunities to share our stories and many different ways to get involved and raise awareness. As you find your seat at our table, please take a look at our menu, which lists the different courses that will be offered each week:

  • Appetizer: "Getting to know NMO"
    • Spreading awareness
  • Entree: "Hear our voices"
    • Share your story
  • Dessert: I am more than my NMO
    • Empower others
  • The to-go box: Taking home life hacks, tips, and for 1 lucky person – the giveaway prize!
    • Share tips, tricks, and life hacks
    • Giveaway winner announced!

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Entries to win our giveaway will be accepted from March 1st to March 28th! One lucky winner will receive a one-of-a-kind custom NMO warrior 35 oz Yeti mug. We will also be offering bonus entries for getting involved!

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Share your story

Let your voice be heard! March is all about telling our stories and sharing our experiences with NMO. Whether it be your journey to diagnosis, how NMO has changed your life, lessons learned along the way, what has helped, or what hasn't – we all want to hear from you! By taking a seat at the table and sharing our stories, we can raise awareness and let others with NMO know they are not alone.

Take a look at stories here from other community members.

Connect with other NMO warriors

Head to our forum section to connect with other NMO warriors, and share your voice: what does having a seat at the table mean to you?


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