NMO awareness month March 2022

NMO Awareness Month: Our Time to SHINE!

March is NMO Awareness Month! Now more than ever, let us come together and use our voices to bring more awareness around the importance of NMOSD. Unfortunately, due to NMO being so rare, it is not often talked about. This year, we are here to change that.

This March, we are all about making your voice heard and letting others know the reality of NMO. Below, we have tools for connecting and making the most of NMO Awareness Month. Keep reading to discover ways you can join us in spreading awareness this month.

Enter our giveaway [CLOSED]

From March 2 through May 31st, you can enter to win our giveaway! This care kit features a beautiful candle from NMO warrior Mo Jones. The Power of Rare: A Blueprint for a Medical Revolution by Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation founder Victoria Jackson. We are giving 1 lucky winner this entire bundle to offer a bit of self-care and leisurely reading.

Share your story

Spread NMO awareness by sharing your personal story with us. How did you feel getting diagnosed? What was the process like? How has your life changed since your diagnosis? We welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly. By sharing our stories, we raise awareness and support others going through this confusing journey.

You can also read other community members' NMO stories here.

Take our NMO In America Survey

Editor's note: The NMO In America Survey is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Each person who takes the survey contributes to a better understanding of NMO and can help others who are dealing with NMO feel less alone. Sharing your experiences through the survey can reveal the similarities and differences of each person’s journey with NMO. In total, this can bring greater awareness to this rare condition. The survey covers basics like diagnosis and treatment experiences, but it also dives into issues like the emotional impact and day-to-day challenges of managing NMO.

Connect with fellow NMO warriors!

Want to connect with other NMO warriors? Join in or begin new discussions and tell us in our forums section!

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