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Meet and Greet! When were you diagnosed!? 💚


I’m Sandra, I was misdiagnosed in 2007 with MS and properly diagnosed with NMO in 2008.

Nice to meet you!

  1. Hey !! So happy to have you. here in the community! So glad you were able to get the correct diagnosis within a year. What country/state are you based? - Jada ( team member)

    1. Hi Jada!! Thank you so much!!
      I am in Delray Beach Florida, USA what about you?

    2. I'm from Philadelphia ! Ohh Florida. I could definitely use some of the FL weather.

  2. I'm handling as best I can taking it one day at a time despite being so uncomfortable in my body

    1. Have you checked out the GJCF?
      Here is their website

      1. I was diagnosed back in 2010 with NMO. Doctor in 2006 thought possibly MS but I didn’t get or recommended to get any further testing. Didn’t pursue further because I didn’t want to believe I had an issue like that. I was stubborn and feel that was a mistake.

        1. Hi Dan! Glad you’re properly diagnosed now.

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