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Mental Health and NMO

Hi Warriors!
Struggling with Mental Health can be especially difficult when having NMO. What's one thing you do to take care of your mental wellbeing?

  1. I always take time out to write my feelings down & then reflect. It’s also good to talk about how you feel to people that care, for me it’s my mum. She’s always there for me when I need her.

    1. hi haleemah! I definitely reach for my mom as well when I struggle. Writing down your thoughts is also such a good way to cope.

  2. Hi! I journal and do breathe work and stay away from anything toxic!

    1. yes, add a little meditation in there and it really helps!

  3. Hi everyone I see a mental health specialist to cope with my struggle of nmo because I don't know anyone who has this disease. I feel alone.

    1. hi! It’s definitely easy to feel alone. Luckily we have this amazing site to connect with each other. Feel free to message me on here or Instagram (chronically.Ave) if you ever need support!

    2. hello ! I have NMO
      How long have him had if? Have you checked out GJCF?

  4. I was diagnose July of 2020

    1. where do hike live? I was diagnosed in 2008. I’m in South Florida.

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