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Ways I Reduce Stress

As time has passed, I have picked on certain things that trigger my body into an NMO flare. My biggest trigger at the moment is stress.

Stress triggers my NMO flares

It’s unfortunate that I have always been an anxious person, even before my NMO diagnosis.

I call myself a "chronic stresser." There is never a moment where I’m not worrying about something. It feels like my brain is always on, and sometimes it gets too difficult to deal with. That is why I’ve tried to find different ways to deal with stress.

Medication has helped me cope

Personally, one thing I decided to do earlier on in my NMO diagnosis journey was start anti-depressants. I take sertraline at a dose of 50mg every night. I have seen seen a difference in my mood since I started taking it, but there are still some days when I feel overwhelmed.

Not everyone wants to rely on medication in order to battle their stress or anxiety. There so are many other options. Everyone has different coping mechanisms.

The power of a good venting session

First, you need an outlet. Your body stores stress in mysterious ways, and it’s not good for you. You need to let it out! No matter what the outlet is, it is extremely beneficial to vent it out.

Keeping things in will make situations much more tense. You can feel trapped because you’re constantly thinking about the same thing over and over again. You can speak to a person. It can be a family member or a friend.

How I release stress if someone else isn't around

It does not even have to be a person. Some people are not comfortable with sharing their problems with other people, and that is completely okay.

  1. Write it down: The easiest way is to use your notes app on your phone or write in a journal. Designate a little journal for your feelings.
  2. Self-talk: You can record yourself on your laptop or talk to yourself in the mirror. Or talk to a teddy or plushie.

It does not matter how you choose to let your feelings out; just vent and vent. It will help you tremendously.

Where do you find joy?

Secondly, do something that you love when you feel stressed.

A good book

For me, I found peace in reading books. It helps me escape reality, and I absolutely adore reading books about love and life in general. It makes me feel like I have control of my life in a weird way.

Exercise and movement

I have also recently started going to the gym, which helps. Long walks helped me a lot during lockdown. Sometimes all you need is fresh air and good music.


Get enough sleep! Sleep is so important. I take magnesium citrate, and it worked wonders for my prednisone insomnia.

Prioritize YOU!

Remember to always prioritize yourself when you’re in these overwhelming situations, as we are already aware of the toll it can take on our bodies.

If you try implementing these into your routine to reduce your NMO flares that are triggered by stress, let us know if anything helps.

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