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Does Stress and /or Anxiety affect your symptoms with NMOSD?

  1. After each attack I feel that my anxiety and stress just keeps increasing. I used to be fine being in big crowds and around tons of people and now it scares the bell out of me. Also the stress whenever I get a headache or feel off and think an attack is coming. So it may not affect me so far symptom wise but definitely feel it’s a issue because of the disease.

    1. I’m nervous to have another attack due to the severity of my first one. I can completely relate

  2. Thank you

    1. - absolutely, yes! Although I'm sure it would be hard to prove medically, some of the worst attacks I've ever experienced have happened during/following an extremely stressful event.

      1. same friend, same. I know now my stress level is much more managed now and I try my hardest to avoid stress always.

    2. absolutely, I am under a lot right now with keeping a roof over my head. I have notice more issues.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you💚

      2. you are in my prayers ...

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