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Constant headaches that don’t go away

I got diagnosed early this year I’ve now started getting headaches all over and sometimes shooting pains on side of my head. Has anyone else experienced this or anything similar.

  1. Yes I do get headache often and also pain in my limbs . 🙁 I take ice baths believe it or not and hit it with hot water . I find that hot and cold therapy helps .

    1. I will have to try that I was told by my consultant that to much heat or extrem cold is not good for this condition. It’s a new way of life just have to find the right balance if there is one 🤔

  2. Yea it is a fine balance between the hot and cold , but when my limbs start to tingle and hurt and usually do it . Not all the time though .

    1. I will definitely give it a try it’s just hard trying to adjust to this big change in life and what makes it more hard that no one around you understands and it’s hard to explain what your feeling.

      1. yes I have awful migraines that don’t go away. I have toradol injections for this but they can only help so much. Do you have lesions on your optic nerves or brain?

        1. it’s like I are up every morning with a headache and as the day goes on it tends to get worse causing nausea even my appetite has gone really down.

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