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NMO and Alcohol

Have you tried drinking alcohol since you were first diagnosed with NMO? Have you been advised not to? If you have drank, have you noticed a difference in how you feel? Do different types of alcohol cause different reactions?

  1. Drinking alcohol for me has come to a stop. I drink very rarely. I use to be able to enjoy a couple glasses of wine; however, most alcohol now puts me into a flare, so I stink very seldom now.

    1. Hi, what happened when you had your flare up?

        1. I’m wasn’t big on drinking alcohol before diagnose. I had inflammation on my spine so once I read it can cause inflammation I stopped all together. Then later I asked my doctor about drinking red wine. He told me since it does has antioxidants it would be okay as long as I don’t drink like Miss Hannigan from Little Orphan Annie. LOL. I’ve only had a half a glass since with no problems. I haven’t wanted to try more because of my medication and plus I want to get healthier first. Learning how to walk agin was more important to me.

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