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Difficulty with care

Frustrated, helpless, lonely. Optic Neuritis symptoms, lots of pain with eye movements, color change. All symptoms of optic Neuritis yet clear MRI? 3 positive aqp4 blood tests and disability symptoms. Walking with a cane and can't find Neurologist in my area who knows or have experience in NMO. Anyone else experienced this?

  1. Where is your area( country ) ?

    1. Hi, I am in upstate NY. I was told the best place for NMO care is at Mayoclinic but my insurance isn't accepted there. I go to neurologists in my area but they don't have experience with NMO. They are mostly MS and headache drs. Very frustrating. My neuro ophthalmologist was the one that diagnosed me. I have 3 positive blood tests and clearly have all the symptoms.

  2. ah , shoot! Sorry, i have no idea.. I'm in Greece but I'm gonna keep an eye out if i hear anything that could help I'll let you know .

    1. Thank you 😉

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