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Dizziness, light headed

Does anyone experience dizziness or light headedness? For me it feels like all the blood is rushing from my head or a “whoosh,” idk. It’s so hard to explain but extremely frustrating because I feel like no one gets it. It’s not vertigo. Curious if I’m alone in feeling this symptom

  1. Hi , ugh so sorry you're dealing with the light headedness. I'd definitely say this is pretty common from other's that i've spoken with. Do you also get brain fog? - - Jada ( team member)

    1. I get this a lot, sometimes its due to brain lesions or deficiencies like low iron.

      1. yes I get light-headed and dizzy spells a lot I always somehow get that swooshing feeling at night it's scary. I was just explaining this feeling to my sister a couple of days ago. I really do hate all these sensations in my brain now they wake out my sleep at times

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