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Friendships/Relationships With NMO

Hi NMO fam!
Today I wanted to open up the conversation about how NMO has affected your relationships/friendships.
Personally for me, my diagnosis was a lot for people to deal with. So ultimately I “lost” a lot of best friends and struggled to find partners who understand what I go through.

Has anyone else struggled with this? And how do you learn to keep on moving?

Can’t wait to hear the responses!

  1. NMOSD showed me who my true friends are & who aren’t. I lost people so close to me that I thought i’d spend my life with. It’s sad but I took it as a blessing because my diagnosis got rid of those who were fake around me.

    1. this disease has a strange but good way of showing us things like this.

    2. Yep! it just shows who’s real and who isn’t.

  2. omgosh! yes me! I totally relate to you. I lost several friends and it’s very difficult to have a relationship.

    1. It seems impossible sometimes!

      1. It brought me and my family closer, but showed me who my real friends were. My best friend was out one morning and saw a mobility scooter and sent me the image and said “ready for you” and thought that was funny. I’m in hospital and had just received the diagnosis. It’s good to find ways to laugh through hard times but that was a step too far. I haven’t spoken to her since.

        1. sorry for such a late reply! That’s awful, I’m sorry you had to go through that but it’s like a higher power is clearing the path for you. If they said that at a point you were in hospital, imagine what else they’d have said. I joke on my struggles but I don’t expect others to use my struggles to make jokes at my expense. I’d rather have no friends than bad friends. I hope you’re keeping well. Thank you so much for taking the time to message me. I appreciate it a lot. 🥰❤️

        2. No problem at all! always here if you wanna talk ❤️

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