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NMO and alopecia

Is anyone battling with hairloss since their diagnosis of NMO.
My hair is suffering terribly. I'm not sure whether it's the NMO or side effects from medications and treatment.
I also suffer from hypothyroidism prior to NMO diagnosis which doesn't help. I saw a dermatologist who confirmed alopecia but to be honest didn't provide anything helpful in terms of advise apart from the obvious I.e. loose traction hairstyles etc.

Does anyone have any tips, hair products etc, I will be ever so grateful .
I've tried zinc and biotin supplements which did nothing

  1. Hi I used to have very thick hair, but as soon as NMO set in and with all the medication I went bald . And I can understand it is depressing for us. I lost my confidence so badly. And just like you z

    1. Hi ,
      thank you for reaching out. The struggle has been real!.I'm sorry to hear you too have been struggling and you have gone bald. This really does knock one's confidence. If you don't mind me asking is this still the issue with your hair. I too had really thick hair which has thinned. The whole of my hair line is extremely thin and temples are balding in some part's. Looks like someone has cut a whole plait away. I can only style my hair in one particular way to try and hide it which makes my forehead look big.
      I have resulted to wigs also as I hate the way my hair looks. The wigs give me a little more confidence but I want to be able to wear my own hair more confidently. I have contemplated cutting my hair into a short pixie on many occasions but the cold weather deterres this decision. I'm at a lost at what to do anymore x

      1. thank you for the kind reply and thank u for asking ..and yes the struggle is big time .. i know it's not nice 🙁 ... and Elbie looks like half the reply got deleted in the previous reply due to some error...
        Well, I got my hair trimmed just today and the gentleman informed me that he could see new hair growth, especially at the bald patch.
        Elbie If you have access to natural oil they will do wonders for hair regrowth.
        I have been using a mix of
        Castor and
        Onion 15 ml each
        mix all the oil well and then store it in a glass bottle. Initially, I used to use it every night but now it's twice a week. It is a very slow and tedious process and for me, it took good 4 months but will work wonders if used religiously..
        I hope this helps xoxo

      2. thank you so much for the feedback. I will try this remedy.
        I'm so thrilled it has worked for you and there is new growth for you! X

    2. I battle hair loss as well. Thank you for bringing perspective to this!

      1. Hi ... awŵw you are not alone, we will all figure this out together! X

        1. yes we will!!

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