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Accessibility and NMOSD

For those with NMO, getting around can be particularly challenging. Since being diagnosed have you struggled with accessibility in your NMOSD journey? What has helped to make this part of your journey more tolerant?

  1. you are right, the struggle is real and challenging. I have optic neuritis too. So I am partially blind and squint too. I couldn't walk properly as I was recovering from paralysis. I had my daughter and her friends who encouraged me to walk more. Initially, I used to feel very frustrated because people mock laugh pass remarks about the way I walked and my squinted eyes. But then I said what the hell why should I get bothered? So I stopped getting bothered. I started focusing my recovery . NMO has transformed me in a very positive way. I have filtered the negative out. I have become tolerant in a way that I have stopped caring about unnecessary drama and have embraced myself and my illness most beautifully. Warmly Noor(Patient Leader)

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