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Advocating for yourself

The road to an NMO diagnosis can be a long and frustrating one. So many people are dismissed by medical professionals, only to be told that their symptoms are all in their head, or to be completely misdiagnosed.

How do you advocate for yourself to ensure you get the treatment that you're entitled to? Is it intimidating to challenge a doctor who's telling you there's nothing wrong with you? What tips do you have for others who are trying to find their voice?

  1. If you’re getting dismissed my medical professionals, you need to hold your foot down until you get what you need. This could be by demanding for what you want or repeatedly visiting the doctor until something is done about it - like I did.

    1. what a wonderful read and so important for the patient to be their OWN advocate. I would suggest being aware of all your medications your on, firstly. Secondly, have your doctors all be connected. Know as much as you can about NMOSD.

      1. I fought for 3 years before I was able to get the drs locally to send me to specialist. But I had to fight them. Just stand you ground.

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