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What helps spasms for you?

I wanted to know if anybody has spasms and what you do for them? Personally I have been having them very badly and I only take to Tizanadine. What helps you?

  1. Lamotrigine worked for me, two 25 mg tablets twice a day. But one of the side effects is serious where your skin starts to bleed all over. My doctor didn't warn me about that and because my spasms were so horrific and gabapentin was useless I just took it blindly. Fortunately for me I had no side effects.

    It worked quickly too thank God! Then after Solirius infusions for about six months I lowered my dosage by one tablet every few months so that I'm off them completely now. However, I started too soon initially and would have small spasms so I stopped lowering the dose for a bit. Around that time too, a resident warned me not to take more than I should but that wasn't my issue. Eventually I was fine with just three pills, then two, then one and now none at all.

    1. Hi! i have tried lamotrigine but unfortunately, I too had bad side effects! and wow im so glad you were able to come off those! its always scary and a sigh of relief to get off medication. Praise god for soliris!

  2. It worked quickly too thank God! Then after Solirius infusions for about six months I lowered my dosage by one tablet every few months so that I'm off them completely

    I stopped altogether last month but I do think my MS band is a little worse now but nothing horrible and especially nothing like the squeeze till I thought I'd stop being able to breathe nightmare. Since I hate meds I'm ok with the minor tightness around my midsection. I'd rather feel that a little bit than keep taking drugs if I don't have to.

    Overall, Solirius and lamotrigine turned everything around for me. I can walk, write again, and am spasm free. Oh, also my doctor recently told me that NMO gets better as you get older. I never read that anywhere but that was reassuring for me because I'll be 62 next month. I first got symptoms fourteen months ago at 60, was diagnosed twelve months ago and after steroids, Plex, rehab, and getting approved for solirius I've been on that for ten months.

    I must add that my doctor told me I could have upped the gabapentin dosage when I was struggling on a lower dosage but she'd never mentioned that earlier so that was of no help. And of course I didn't know to even ask about higher dosages at that time. Goodness, that was a horrible time! I truly feel for you and hope you get the spasms under control! I guess we all know how debilitating they are.
    Avery Allmond

    1. pray that you find something that helps with the spasms.

      -Sandra Adda

  3. Fortunately I did and the Solirius has made me spasm free. God is Mighty!

    1. I am having terrible spasms, mostly on the right side but now also involving my left side!

      1. what are you taking for them? - Hali

      2. Hang in there I also have spasms, my left hand side is far worse the then my right I refuse to give in to them and are currently back on steroids with another relapse I have had four in the last three years it does get better just stay strong mentally I find that helps me most although it is difficult sometimes I live in New Zealand doctors here don't seem to no a lot about NMO but my neurology Doctor is trying hard my thoughts are with you I hope you improve soon

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