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How has NMOSD changed your life?

NMOSD can have unpredictable impacts on how we live our lives. What are some ways that NMOSD has impacted your life? What has changed for you?

  1. Hi what a great question.I became partially blind and 95% paralyzed. I was into sports,, traveling always on the go. So when NMO happened it hit me in the worst possible way. I was in dungeons.
    But, after the initial phase of lowest low and then finding this community which came as the biggest blessing. I had two major changes one I started losing people (for good). And NMO helped me to get the best version of myself. I wish I had been like this I would have been places. No negativity no drama. I mean I am on an immune suppressant, in and out of the ER, and the needlework. But now I am living my life each day king-size. I am happy. Warmly.Noor (Patient Leader)

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