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NMO Chronic Pain

How are you coping with NMO pain? Any tricks you may want to share to alleviate the symptoms?

  1. Biofreeze roll-on works really well for the shoulder and neck pain along with extra strength Tylenol 500mg. Its main ingredient is menthol USP. I started using it in the hospital when I thought the hospital bed caused the pain but eventually I saw it was a symptom of NMO and I’ve continued to use it off and on as the pain dictates.

    A heating pad also works and I'll sometimes put that on before I go to bed. Taking a hot shower and letting it just kind of massage the shoulder area works for as well and I have a hand massager that helps but that doesn't give as much relief as all the other things so I hardly ever use it. I hope some of these tips can help someone else.

    1. it really works!

    2. So glad it's helping! - Haleemah

  2. I tried lignocaine patches to my feet sadly it only worked for a while. So glad that frost bite feeling has improved dramatically over time!

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